Our Story

MentorMatter is the project of nine strangers participating in the 2015 Go Code Colorado competition. We were challenged with building a tool that uses public data to bridge the gap between businesses and higher education, with the goal of benefiting the State of Colorado’s economy. So, several sleepless nights and a few hundred sticky notes later, that’s exactly what we did.

Our platform will connect students with industry experts to create mentorships. We’re creating a robust, constructive, and safe environment where students can get relevant career advice, while industry experts can collaborate and give back to their community. Meanwhile, educators can guide relationships to get their students placed more quickly in longer-lasting positions; and businesses can scout for talented and culturally-compatible recruits.

We believe students are an incredible resource. The best way to build Colorado business is to get those students into the right jobs - jobs that they’re not only qualified for, but that they’re passionate about, working with a team that’s driven by the same dedication, culture, and vision.